Where To Sell Hyper Casual Games?

Do you like developing hyper-casual games? The answer might be a big “Yes”. People all around the globe enjoy developing and playing this type of game. From what I have seen, most developers don’t know …

Do you like developing hyper-casual games? The answer might be a big “Yes”. People all around the globe enjoy developing and playing this type of game. From what I have seen, most developers don’t know where they can sell their hyper-casual game and their source for a good price.

As the demand for these games goes high, many people are making hyper-casual games. But they are at a loss when selling the game, maybe like you. 

Hyper casual games can be easily sold at online marketplaces like Flippa, Auctionvilla Marketplace, SellMyApp etc. However, most developers should prefer AuctionVilla marketplace as it is focused on mainly hyper-casual games and provides free listing under hobby plans and better customer service for indie developers.

Whatever, you need to sell these games in several marketplaces like AuctionVilla Marketplace, Flippa, and stuff. These marketplaces are superficial to sell the games.

Therefore, the further discussion needs to explore the hyper-casual game and sell these. So, we will cover some essential facts of everything that you need to know about selling hyper-casual games. Let’s dig a bit deeper!

How Do I Sell My Hyper-casual Games?

Selling your newly launched hyper-casual games is not like walking through a quiet park.

Moreover, it needs strategies and efforts to sell you hyper-casual games properly with enough profit, making essential factors or steps involved while selling your games that most people will probably like.

You may have enough potential or a strong team full of expert developers. However, if you don’t know how to sell your games, you can end up without anything.

Following the below steps will help you discover better how you can sell your hyper-casual games.

Know Your Audience

It’s essential to know who you target to sell your hyper-casual games. However, most children especially like to play hyper-casual games. The more details you have regarding your audience, the easier it will be to sell the games.

Analyze Your Competitor

You need to analyze your competitor’s tactic as the hyper-casual game section is very competitive. 

We are not saying that you need to copy them, but to know the approach that they are talking about. What you need to do is, make unique games.

Launch Your Game

How can you imagine selling your hyper-casual games without launching? Therefore, once you know your potential customers, you need to launch the game. Establishing the game will help your audience find the games.

Promote the Game

We live in a competitive online world where you have to promote everything you want to sell.

Once you have launched your new hyper-casual game, it’s time to enable it. You can promote your game on social media sites or many other platforms.

Find the Marketplace To Sell Hyper-Casual Games

Finding the best marketplace is one of the essential aspects. You can boost the sales of your games if you choose the best marketplace to sell your games.

Some developers make stunning games, not knowing the excellent market to sell their games ruins their tasks.

Who are the Potential Buyers for Hyper Casual Games

Buying and selling Hyper casual games are relatively new to the market.  So, it’s not easy to distinguish the potential buyers for Hyper Casual Games.

We have done some research to find potential buyers for your hyper-casual games.

Here is the list of potential Buyers:

  • Mid-level game publishers
  • Game Studios
  • Indie Hyper Casual developers

Best Marketplaces to Sell Your Hyper Casual Games

Although there are a few potential buyers who will be willing to buy your hyper-casual games, it’s a very overwhelming and lengthy task. So, you can sell your game to marketplaces.

There are a few marketplaces where you can sell or sell your hyper-casual games.

Let’s learn about some of the marketplaces that you can pick.

AuctionVilla Marketplace

AuctionVilla Marketplace is the best place to sell hyper-casual games. Though the platform is comparatively new, you will get a lot of ease while selling your game through this marketplace..

You know the importance of reaching the right audience. Hence, you can do the same with AuctionVilla.

Auctionvilla lets you list your hyper-casual games for free, and you can sell your game on this platform through an auction. So, your game price could be much higher than usual, and also, you can control the pricing. 

You can start selling your Hyper Casual Games at AuctionVilla Marketplace by clicking here.

As AuctionVilla Marketplace is mainly focused on hyper-casual games, as a developer, you will get better service from this marketplace for sure.


Flippa is a great place to buy and sell android and IOS apps. There are many buyers and sellers out there.

So, if you take your game to Flippa, there’s a higher chance that you will drive more sales. However, this platform is not much focused on the Hyper Casual genre.

The most exciting fact about Flippa is they present all sorts of information related to the products. That’s why people love to hang in there, and here’s the best opportunity for you.


Swappa is another key online platform to market and sell your games. The platform is very interactive and suitable for the sellers out there. There are many categories where you can put your game for sale.

The most exciting fact about Swappa is you can sell your games directly to other gamers. There are also specific pricing guidelines to help you set the best price for your game.


You may be familiar with GameStop, one of the best mobile games selling platforms online. If you are a hyper-casual games developer, you will love the medium. They are the biggest retailing gaming chains out there.

You can sell your game with cash, and if you want, you can sell your game’s credit as well. Therefore, the payment methods are straightforward and fast. You will also have the luxury of getting bonus trade offers.


I know you have heard the name for sure. But, do you know you quickly sell your mobile games on this platform? We are not kidding. The platform is reliable and offers you many benefits to selling hyper-casual games.

You can reach millions of your audiences with the help of eBay. It will take a short time to increase the sales of your business.

Hyper-Casual Games Market Size

The market size of the hyper-casual games was increasing steadily. But, as the pandemic attacks, we have seen a prodigy shift on the market of hyper-casual games; people, especially children, like playing this type of game a lot.

Hyper casual games have a large market size due to their simple mechanics, are lightweight, and are effortlessly playable. Anyone of any age can easily play this game; mostly, people play this game to kill some time or relieve stress.

The developers are trying continuously to make hyper-casual games to the next level.

Many e-commerce sites are now offering developers to sell the game through their platforms. Millions of people every day are playing these games, and the number will increase a lot in a short time for sure.

The most common games include the puzzle, arcade, etc., among the hundreds of others. But in 2023, the download of hyper-casual games will move up to 14-15 million.

The gaming industry is a $90B market & Hyper casual games comprise 1/3rd of this market. 

Hyper Casual Game Installs At a Glance:

How Much Do Hyper Casual Games Make?

In general, hyper-casual games with 5,000-10,000 installs have 200 – 400 active players, and they make anywhere from $10- $100 per month.

Let me explain,

Suppose you have developed a Hyper casual game for the android platform.

CPM of hyper-casual games in the USA is 6.93 on Android, which means every 1000 active players will earn you 6.93 dollars per day.

Let’s say your game has 5000 installs. So, from 5000 installs, you can expect around 200 active players. From 200 active players you can earn 200/1000 * 6.93 = $1.38 per day or 41.4 per month [Source]

Top developers and publishers are getting millions of installs and making a lot of money with their hyper-casual games.

As the popularity of these types of games goes high, people tend to play more. Besides, people have been making a lot of in-app purchases in recent days.

Also, there are billions of downloads each year; you might have an idea of the money in this sector.

However, not all hyper-casual becomes a million-dollar revenue generator. There are a lot of factors that can hinder the growth of any hyper-casual games, and how much you will earn from any hyper-casual games also depends on a lot of variables as well.

How much your game will earn will depend on the following factors:

  • Quality of your Games
  • Your Marketing Strategy
  • How Effective Your Monetization Strategy is

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hyper-casual Games Profitable?

Yes, they are. We can say this without any doubt as developers are making a lot of money.

If you can show your potential, you will have a significant profit margin for sure. Hyper-casual games are generating billions of dollars worldwide.

How do you monetize casual games?

You can monetize your casual games with advertising and in-app purchase. These are the most effective ways for you. But most of the time, the revenue comes from advertising. 

How do you promote casual games?

You can promote your hyper causal games with the help of different platforms. Social media, in recent days, will be a better way for you.

You can also promote your games through Google PlayStore, emails, websites, and stuff like that. Putting your games on a different marketplace will also help you.

Final Thoughts

We have covered an in-depth discussion regarding where to sell hype-casual games. We have shown the market places and how you cover up the things that will help you.

You can make a lot of profit if you know how things work and where to put your work. Why not start making money with hyper-casual games?

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