Is It Profitable Buying Mobile Games? 

People all around the world have a craving for playing on mobile phones. If we see the scenario of the last few years, how people interact with mobile games, you have to be amazed. According …

Is It Profitable Buying Mobile Games?

People all around the world have a craving for playing on mobile phones. If we see the scenario of the last few years, how people interact with mobile games, you have to be amazed. According to Newzoo, mobile games will generate around $93.2 billion globally in 2021. 

According to the mobile phone gaming market scenario around the globe, buying a mobile game will be highly advantageous. It is possible to make a lot of money if someone like you can buy the best mobile games from the right place. By 2023, mobile game revenue will have surpassed $100 billion.

Experts in the gaming field are seeing a massive paradigm shift with the popularity of mobile games in the coming years. However, we want to cover more about buying game-related queries here on this blog.

How to Make Money Buying Mobile Games?

We think you don’t have any doubt about the profitability of mobile games. However, the most crucial question is how someone like you may generate money by purchasing mobile games. That is why it is important to understand the method.

You will be able to make money buying a mobile game with game monetization. Now, there are various ways you can monetize your mobile games. Some of the most common strategies that you can go through are down below;

In-app ads

In-app ads are the most frequent ways to make money online with mobile games. What happens here is that you are a game developer or owner offering your audience free mobile games to play. Then, you show ads in your game according to the genre of your games with the advertiser’s help. 

Subscription Model

If you can buy the best games, you can charge a subscription charge to your users. We know it’s hard to get a subscription charge as there are already stunning games that are entirely free. But, it will still work if you can create values for your audience.

You should make that subscription charge affordable.

In-app Purchase

An in-app purchase strategy will be pretty helpful in making money from the mobiles game.

However, you have to be rather tricky as you tend to make that happen with the mobile games, which have the simplest mechanisms. 

You can let the users perform in-app purchases by offering some of the premium content. Make sure you follow the right strategy regarding pricing. You shouldn’t make the pricing level too high if you have just launched a new game.  

However, you can explore one of our blogs regarding how to monetize a hyper casual game.

How Do You Buy Profitable Mobile Games?

You know how you can make money buying mobile games. Therefore, everyone needs to know the appropriate way to choose the best games to buy.

Selecting a suitable game for you is always crucial. If you choose a game from an unfamiliar genre, you may never get the most out of the game. 

Mobile games are built with different mechanisms and genres, and you need to buy the types of games that are highly popular.

Once you have done pretty good market research about the game, it will provide you with a more significant benefit. You will then be able to invest in the best games, which will drive a lot of money. 

Long story short, if you have an immense amount of data about your target audience and the market, you will be able to buy the best games for you. 

Where to Buy the Best Mobile Games?

You just can’t buy games from anywhere. You need to look forward to purchasing the games from the authorized source.

However, if you have enough concerns about where to buy games, the best solution will be the AuctionVilla marketplace. Here, you will be able to purchase different games. 

There are several alternatives of auctionvilla like flippa, swappa, etc. But none of these markets are solely focused on mobile games.

The essential benefit that you will get from the AuctionVilla marketplace is competitive pricing. As there are several genres of hyper-casual games out there, you will buy the best games according to the choice of your targeted audience. 

You will get that access to take part in an auction of your desired games if there are many potential buyers. This auction system makes the platform more beneficial. 

Related Questions

Is Mobile Gaming Profitable?

Undoubtedly. You can make a lot of money with the help of mobile games. We have seen developers making billions of dollars from the best mobile or hyper-casual games. People love to play games. Sometimes, playing games becomes an addiction for some people. That’s the opportunity for you.

According to Newzoo, around 3.07 billion gamers worldwide will be in 2023, and the number will gradually increase. Among the vast number of gamers, most gamers (78%)  play the game on mobile. This simply describes the picture of a huge industry.

Game monetization is one of the most efficient ways to make the game profitable. You have to know the strategies that will lead you to make the most out of the games.

How Much Profit Do Mobile Games Make?

The portability of the games largely depends on the number of downloads. As a game owner, if you can’t make downloads happen, the games won’t provide you with the real benefits. However, If you gain a decent amount of downloads, you can expect an average of around $12000 for 50,000 downloads. 

If we show one of the studies of Apptopia, the top most exciting mobile games earn $50,000 a day. But you may not be able to make that amount of money at the initial stage, but it is possible to make massive money with mobile games. 

Is It Profitable to Buy Apps?

In the modern world, where people prefer using a mobile app, it is undoubtedly profitable to buy apps. Someone who tends to purchase apps may have some sort of goal to make money.

Therefore, if you compare owning the best apps with a website or Youtube channel online, apps will benefit you. 

There are many benefits of buying apps. Some of them are that you can monetize the apps to earn huge revenue.

Besides, you can offer additional content and features through the apps to make a lot of money. Therefore, the in-store purchase monetization method will also benefit you. 

Is Mobile Gaming Bigger than PC?

Most of the gamers around the world are mobile phone or android owners. Suppose we mention the overall revenue generated by games, mobile games generated around $93.2 billion across the globe. [Source]

On the other hand, PC gaming generated about $36.7 billion in 2021.

Besides, the trend of playing games is more acute with mobile devices compared to PC. So, mobile gaming is bigger than PC gaming. 

How Much Money Is in Mobile Gaming?

The mobile gaming market is enormous. The number of mobile games players and the revenue from mobile games is constantly increasing. Considering the overall gaming industry’s revenue, mobile games will play a big part.

According to Newzoo, mobile games generated almost $68.5 billion back in 2019, and the number has gradually increased over the last couple of years. The amount was $93.2billion in 2021 in the global market from $180.3 billion in overall gaming revenue. 

In 2020, mobile games generated  45% of the gaming industry’s revenue, which is massive, according to Wijman 2020.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Is it profitable to buy mobile games? We hope you don’t have any confusion after reading this blog. Once you know the strategies and tactics, you will be able to generate a lot of money from mobile games. 

Choosing the best marketplace to buy the most trendy games will be another crucial thing that you have to perform. Don’t forget to monetize the games properly to earn as much revenue as possible.

So, why late? Let’s buy some exciting games for your audience and make money online. 

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