The best and quickest approach to find what is going on in mobile development and get your inquiries answered is through mobile app development blogs. There are such countless hacks and advice with respect to mobile development that you can definitely discover whatever you need. In part 1, we discussed android blogs. Now it’s time to have a look at some popular iOS blogs and others.

iOS App Development Blogs

App development blogs(AuctionVilla.IO)

1. iOS Dev Weekly

This mobile application development blog gives another arrangement of hand-picked articles on iOS mobile development consistently. You have to subscribe  to iOS Dev Weekly to get the most recent information at your email. Find out Swift highlights, quick tips, and other iOS tech-related topics.

Twitter: 13.6K+ followers

2. Apple Developer News and Updates

Official site for iOS developers gives the most recent articles on various issues — how to present your applications to the App store, notification on iOS updates. Tips about swift, siri, machine learning, and  similarly significant themes.


The website gives a rich mobile development blog where you can discover different tutorials on iOS and macOS development. The resource has both free and paid content. General information is given at no extra. Moreover, on, you can discover books on mobile app development topics.

Twitter: 34.1+ followers

Youtube: 1.41K+ subscribers

4. iOS Developer Tips

The blogs give various kinds of tricks and tips for iOS development. Searching for data on the best way to utilize Flutter for your iOS application or how to deal with errors in Swift — iOS Developer Tips is the thing that you need.

Twitter: 50.3K+ followers

5. AppAdvice

This blog is about mobile technology. They offer articles on the best iOS mobile apps, messages apps and Apple Tv.   They also offer guidelines of various iOS games charts and gadgets. Here, you can discover all you require to think about the best iOS versatile items.

Twitter: 88.9K+followers

Other Mobile Development Blogs

Mobile app development blogs(AuctionVilla.IO)

1. DroidCrunch

DroidCrunch offers significant understanding into a wide assortment of points — mobile devices, PCs, games, working frameworks like iOS and Android. Additionally, the blog has how-to articles for Android developers— how to fix different issues or keeping your application secure.

Twitter: 172 followers

Facebook: 4.9K+ followers

Instagram: 1.5K+ followers

YouTube: 6.4K+ followers

2. Sensor Tower Blog

Would you like to be updated on the most recent patterns and news in the versatile turn of mobile development? On the off chance that indeed, this blog on versatile innovation is perfect for you — top-netting applications around the world, top shopping applications in 2019 or some other information on the best applications is readily available.

Twitter: 13.5K+ followers

Facebook: 2.9K+ followers

3. MobileAppDaily

In the event that you need to make up for lost time with the most recent news, patterns, and how-to articles, MobileAppDaily is an application improvement blog that encourages you to stay refreshed constantly. Anything from the improvement of your application to its advancement is recorded on this asset.

Twitter: 2K+ followers

Facebook: 103K+ followers

Instagram: 18.5K+ followers

YouTube: 1.6K+ followers

LinkedIn: 12.3K+ followers

Get in touch with these blogs. You can find whatever you need on iOS and Android development.