The best and quickest approach to find what is going on in mobile development and get your inquiries answered is through mobile app development blogs. There are such countless hacks and advice with respect to mobile development that you can definitely discover whatever you need. However, with a particularly rich assortment of assets, what sources would it be advisable for you to search for the precise data? With such a large number of websites on  mobile development you can easily get lost in all of them. That is the reason we arranged an elite of best app development blogs that may prove to be useful to you.

Android App Development Blogs

Android App Development Blogs(AuctionVilla.IO)

Android is quite possibly the most well known operating system in the world — it's versatile piece of the share is 75.44% around the world. The internet is loaded with blogs that furnish you with significant insights on how to build an app which will run on this OS. Beneath you can discover five most shrewd websites on Android application advancement

1.Android Developers Blog

It does not shock anyone that Google powers probably the best blog on Android app development. There you can locate the most recent news on the operating system, its updates, and other valuable tips and tricks. The contributors to the blog are Google experts involved with Android app development. With a particularly smart source within reach, you will discover what you are searching for.

Twitter: 2.01+ million followers

Youtube: 939K subscribers

2. Android Authority

Android Authority has all you require to think about Android apps, games, phones, laptops, or tablets. The blog furnishes you with itemized audits on the most recent Android updates. Its highlights, advancement issues, and the best Android applications to introduce on your phone. Also, the asset familiarizes you with correlation outlines of Android gadgets so you can settle on the most ideal decision. Android Authority is an ideal app development blog for both new and experienced developers.

Facebook: 2.3+ million followers

Twitter: 1.1+ million followers

Youtube: 3.37+ million subscribers

Instagram: 802K+ followers

3. Android Weekly

It is a genuine “gold mine” for Android developers who need to stay on all the most recent patterns. Android Weekly gives news, tips, and how-to tutorials on creating savvy apps. You can likewise discover their code pieces from GitHub and other valuable tricks that are refreshed consistently.

Twitter: 15.8K+ followers

Facebook: 4.4K+ followers

4. ProAndroidDev

It is published on medium. ProAndroidDev has a great deal of Google and Android benefactors, who share their bits of knowledge into the best tricks and tips of versatile turn of mobile development. Visit the blog to discover all that you need to think about the production of a Flutter application quickly, best utilization of Kotlin for Android improvement, and numerous other tech-related how-to themes.

Twitter: 6K+ followers

Facebook: 58K+ followers


You can read articles on app development blogs and also listen to Android podcasts. Divided completely covers tech-related points focused at an assorted crowd. Both beginners and proficient developers will discover helpful data appropriate to ventures of various intricacy.

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Youtube: 760+ followers

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